Smite MOBA Could Be Released on Nintendo Switch

MOBA game smite could be released on the nintendo switch in the near future.

Smite MOBA Could Be Released on Nintendo Switch

Smite was originally released back in 2014 and instantly saw a cult following for the MOBA title.  To this day, the game still has a relatively large fan base.  The game was made by the studio Hi-Rez Studios and goes hand in hand with the possibility that the game could see a release on the Nintendo Switch in the near future.

Just recently, Nintendo Life reported that a recent patch for Smite other various other platforms hinted that a Nintendo Switch release could be in the works.  The site, “Smite Data Mining” clarifies that in the patch notes there is a mention of Smite coming to a handheld/console hybrid version.

Hi-Rez Studios has yet to confirm any of these rumors, but it honestly would not be much of a surprise at this point.  Paladins released not too long ago on the Switch console and it has done relatively well.  Looking at the release of Fortnite on the switch, it’s clear that Nintendo Switch players are ecstatic to be able to join in the game via their portable Nintendo consoles.

Smite has been doing well across various different platforms, and much of that can be attributed to constant updates. Tweaks to the game ensure that players are kept happy. A MOBA addition like Smite to the Switch’s library of games would without a doubt be huge.  I think it’s safe to expect a Smite release for the Nintendo Switch in the near future.