Super Bomberman R Sales Indicate That It’s The Best Selling In Its Franchise In Nearly 20 Years

Recently released sales data of Super Bomberman R from Japan alone were way above other previous Bomberman titles released before it. The graph shown below shows just how the title stands in comparison to its previously released titles:

With the Switch title (Super Bomberman R) nearing a sales total this far of almost 40,000 units (39,609), it’s pretty hard to deny that Nintendo launching the Switch alongside the new Bomberman game benefited Konami as well (the company lately has been most notably focusing on slot machines and mobile games). Do keep in mind that Bomberman Touch (the 2nd best seller in comparison) had a total of around only 8,000 copies moved..maybe effecting their mobile games and slot machines initiative.
Konami recently stated that they’ll be reviving other well known franchises of theirs as well after seeing such positive sales HOPEFULLY it’s only a matter of time before we see them focus their efforts on releasing another Castlevania game and not so much on their infamous slot machines.

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