Nintendo Direct Delayed – Strange Switch Announcements Follow

Nintendo Direct delay causes odd game announcements.

Nintendo Direct Delayed – Strange Switch Announcements Follow

After a terribly brutal earthquake shaking up Japan, Nintendo came forward and announced that they would be postponing their Nintendo Direct presentation indefinitely.  This then resulted in some publishers with plans for the direct simply going through with their announcements anyway. It’s important to remember that for large corporations, sometimes changing plans on a whim just simply isn’t feasible.

The first in a string of game announcements was Final Fantasy XV’s Pocket Edition coming to consoles including the Nintendo Switch.  There was a somewhat of a surprise trailer released, along with subsequent listings on the game on PS4 and Xbox One online stores.  The game officially released onto xbox and playstation consoles, so it’s a safe bet that Nintendo’s rescheduling simply wouldn’t work for this release.  It’s assumed at this point that the Nintendo Switch version is schedule to release at a later date.

Along with other news, Capcom had a surprise release for their demo of Mega Man 11 for the Switch, which seems mostly like an it’s out now sort of announcement planned for the original Nintendo Direct.

The third and final announcement was that Civilization VI is coming to Switch on November 16.  Publisher 2K Games released no formal announcement on social media or distributed any official press release statements.  There was only a listing on the game’s official website with a video of a trailer that for some reason is not live yet.  It appears that this must have been some sort of mistake and perhaps it was supposed to stay under wraps for the time being.  None the less, exciting news for Civilization fans!