Super Bomberman R Sales Indicate That It’s The Best Selling In Its Franchise In Nearly 20 Years

Recently released sales data of Super Bomberman R from Japan alone were way above other previous Bomberman titles released before it. The graph shown below shows just how the title stands in comparison to its previously released titles: With the Switch title (Super Bomberman R) nearing a sales total this far of almost 40,000 units (39,609), it’s pretty hard […]

Starlink Starfox Nintendo Switch Gameplay Released

Fans of the Starfox franchise rejoice as over 28 minutes of gameplay was recently revealed.  Starlink: Battle for Atlas was recently announced with a big surprise for Nintendo Switch owners.  The game will feature custom Starfox gameplay available only on the Nintendo Switch console version.  Ubisoft seems to be doing a great job so far […]

Starlink Starfox Nintendo Switch Gameplay Video Released.

Nintendo Direct Delayed – Strange Switch Announcements Follow

Nintendo Direct Delayed – Strange Switch Announcements Follow After a terribly brutal earthquake shaking up Japan, Nintendo came forward and announced that they would be postponing their Nintendo Direct presentation indefinitely.  This then resulted in some publishers with plans for the direct simply going through with their announcements anyway. It’s important to remember that for […]

Nintendo Direct delay causes odd game announcements.

The Messenger for Switch Review

The Messenger for Switch Review Spoiler alert, The Messenger for Nintendo Switch is a contender for game of the year.  Yes folks, it really is that great of an experience.  In an onslaught of 8bit Metroid-vania rehashes, The Messenger stands out from the rest.  While I am not claiming that it is a perfect game […]

The Messenger for Nintendo Switch Review.

Breath of the Wild’s director explains how the Switch made the game better

In Link’s newest equipment that he has with him in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the infamous Sheikah Slate – the tablet type of accessory which allows Link to navigate a map of Hyrule, take pictures, and much more. This feature was orginally designed in regards to the Wii U’s gamepad. […]

Breath of the Wild sets record for highest number of perfect scores on Metacritic

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has officially out performed some of the most popular critically esteemed games of all time. BOTW has received almost universal positive reviews, so this doesn’t come as surprising that it’s breaking yet another record. While it’s not the highest-rated game of all time on Metacritic, lining up […]

Gamestop’s $600 Nintendo Switch Bundle Is a Total Rip Off

If you weren’t one of the lucky ones able to get your hands on a Nintendo Switch on Amazon or Best Buy before they completely sold out, there’s a new bundle that GameStop is offering…before you get out your pocketbook, let’s take a look. The $600 Bundle Includes The funniest part about this Gamestop bundle […]

Miyamoto Says He’d Want Super Mario Odyssey With Him If He Were Stuck On An Island

In celebration of today being Mar10 Day, Shigeru Miyamoto was asked if he would select a Mario title that he’d want to play if he were to be stuck on a deserted island. While it’s a “difficult question,” the creator of Mario answered that he’d choose Super Mario Odyssey to have with him because it’s […]