Write for Nintendork

Major thanks for the interest in feature writing with Nintendork. We love doing work with freelancers, industry professionals, and even first-timer writers with a kick-ass article! We cover a broad range of different subjects, encompassing technology, mobile apps, video game news, game reviews, and much more. We’re always on the lookout for stories from these topics — which means plenty of opportunity for you to pitch us a killer article.

What we’re looking for:

Our stories are generally longform feature articles, spanning approximately 1,500 – 3,000 words in length. (Don’t worry about being a bit under or over this number.  Just use this as a general rule of thumb for content length). We appreciate narrative-driven articles that remain clear and concise for our viewers to follow along, presented with and correctly citing factual evidence when applicable.

What we’re not looking for:

Bad attitudes, “know it alls”, cookie cutter articles, or “top 10 lists of video games that will get you laid”.  Sorry, but no Fuzzbeed articles.

We are open to product review pitches, but please direct all inquiries regarding such to: our email here.

We are always interested in interview features with talented & original individuals, so if you have exclusive access to an amazing conversationalist, please go ahead and let us know.

What to send us

So you’ve got an awesome article that you think fits perfectly at Nintendork, woohoo! We’d love to hear all about it. Just send us a few paragraphs answering these questions:

  • What exactly is the story about? A couple sentences is usually enough to get us hooked, but feel free to take the time and explain how the story unfolds. Who are the main characters in this piece? Have you conducted any interviews? Explain your research and what this reveals about the story.
  • How will you be reporting the story? What progress have you made so far (include your sources and any research), and what more is there left for you to do? Tell us your writing plan, your word count, and a realistic deadline.
  • Why is this story right for Nintendork? Our readers are gamers, techies, and are diverse in sources they consume. What other noteworthy news outlets have covered this story you’re pitching and how will your telling be different? What value will you add that they did not?
  • Why are YOU the perfect person to write about it? Do you have any specific expertise/experience with this subject? Do you have unique access to information? Also, feel free to attach 1 – 2 previous articles for us to look through (if you have any).

Alright, you’re ready to knock our socks off with your pitch! Go ahead and send it to our email here. We try to respond to all pitches within 24 hours, but please be patient as sometimes it may take a bit longer. (Please make a note in the subject line of your email if your pitch is something time sensitive.) Thanks for following these instructions and we look forward to working with you soon!