Nintendo Switch Online Official Release Date Announced

Nintendo Switch Online Release Date

Last night, Nintendo of Japan made an official statement on Twitter about when the Switch’s online service will be released to the public.  The announcement caught many by surprise, as most large gaming outlets were originally reporting that the Switch’s online capabilities would be released at the beginning of September. Regardless, at least we finally have a more precise timeline to expect the official release of the online system.

The official start of the paid online service “Nintendo Switch Online” is scheduled for the second half of September this year (not from September 1). We will inform you of the schedule of the official start at the later date on the Nintendo website and this Twitter account.”

In other news, it seems that Nintendo is still going all in on their Nintendo Switch Online app for iOS and Android devices (much to many Nintendo fan’s dismay).  While we have seen implementation of native in-game voice chat for titles such as Fortnite for Switch, we haven’t seen too many other developers implement similar features themselves.  Only time will tell as far as voice chat functionality goes, but for now, I for one am happy to have more info on when to expect Nintendo Switch Online to drop.