Miyamoto Says He’d Want Super Mario Odyssey With Him If He Were Stuck On An Island

In celebration of today being Mar10 Day, Shigeru Miyamoto was asked if he would select a Mario title that he’d want to play if he were to be stuck on a deserted island. While it’s a “difficult question,” the creator of Mario answered that he’d choose Super Mario Odyssey to have with him because it’s a Nintendo Switch game, which allows the player to game both indoors and outdoors. Do keep in mind that this is a major tease to consumers as Super Mario Odyssey won’t even be available for purchase until the end of the year as an exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

“That’s a difficult question, I think any Mario game will do,” stated Miyamoto. “But I think at this time it would have to be Super Mario Odyssey because you can play inside and outside. A deserted island would be small but that’s OK, it would still be fun.”

Talk about product placement!  Miyamoto really knows how to build hype.

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